Digital Innovation Brokerage for the Free State


The SolutionExchange platform is a digital innovation brokerage space that allows you to connect with, exchange knowledge and information, and collaborate with a wide range of people involved in the innovation value chain.

This platform is open to all persons (local innovators and entrepreneurs) and organisations (government bodies, universities, funding entities, and businesses) with an interest in innovation and calls for involvement in creatively solving local socio-economic challenges in the Free State.

Join the local innovation community

This space allows all parties to identify themselves within the innovation value-chain.

Parties can identify themselves by simply registering on the platform, and indicating whether they are in academia, government, industry, an innovator or entrepreneur, or from the general public with an interest in innovation.

By registering all the necessary contact details, parties can request help, receive notifications, and communicate with each other.

Log a problem with the development of your innovation

This space allows a member (Innovators/Researchers/Entrepreneurs) to log a problem with the development of a particular innovation. This is done by completing an automated template of questions that identifies and makes clear what the problem or need of the innovator is.

Solutions may be sought from the community as a whole or the SolutionExchange task team may act as an intermediary to connect necessary parties.

If you have not yet secured your Intellectual Property through formal channels (i.e. Patents, or Trade Marks) you are requested not to reveal any confidential material, knowledge, or sensitive information about your product, project or venture.

Billboard space for advertising

This “billboard” space allows for organisations (Government bodies, universities, funding entities, and businesses) to make official calls to the SolutionExchange community. A call (or advert) requesting participation may include bursaries and scholarships around innovation, innovation competitions, innovation-related job vacancies, skills development workshops, innovation-related grants or funds, etc.

All calls are reviewed by the SoultionExchange Task Team before being uploaded to the platform.

There is direct contact between interested parties and advertising bodies after a call is uploaded to the platform.

Discussion space for the general community

The Innovation Notice Board is for discussion of local innovation needs and solutions posted by the general community. It is also a great way to network with real people and organisations interested in playing a role in the innovation value-chain.

From this space you can keep up to date with the latest activities happening on the platform, such as the arrival of new members, the latest Calls to Innovators, and the most recent comments posted by members.


Please note that Solution Exchange does not assist with funding for any project. If you require funding, please visit Thundafund.