The main aim of the RIFFS Forum is to enhance the socio-economic status of the region by creating platforms for collaboration and engagement...

The concept of Regional Innovation Forums (RIF) for South Africa was born out of an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to utilize innovation in addressing the problems of inequality, poverty and unemployment in South Africa. RIFFS promotes innovation within a defined region within the Free State Province through promotional activities, events and competitions. To Get Involved contact Mrs N Nigrini...

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RIFFS Structure

RIFFS is comprised of 5 task teams that are coordinated by selected individuals from a variety of stakeholder groups

Task Team 1: Steering Committee

The steering committee is responsible for Forum’s governance, reporting, budgeting, and strategic projects

Task Team 2: Awareness

Responsible for skills, branding, events, promotional activities, partnerships, competitions

Task Team 3: SolutionExchange

Innovation brokerage by using an internet platform to solicit and link needs (problem owners) and solutions (problem solvers) in the region
Access the SolutionExchange Platform

Task Team 4: “Brain Wave”

Facilitating thought processes around innovation via entities such as the Innovatorium, where students, academics and innovators engage on selected topics, as well as the “slingshot” website

Task Team 5: Resources

Leveraging resources and facilitate skills development in the innovation and enterprise development areas